Amigos was created from a vision to provide our customers with an exquisite taste and an experience like never before. After a journey of touring the world and trying out a number of different cuisines we had come across mexican food which tingled our tastebuds, inspiring us to give people in our community the opportunity to also live that great experience that maxican cuisine has to offer. That's why amigos was created, with a passion to serve our customers with a great service along with a range of delicious, freshly-prepared food for everyone to enjoy.

There's always a family-friendly atmosphere at Amigos, with a range of delicious, freshly-prepared food that everyone can enjoy. It's the perfect place to bring food, friends and family together, with our range of burritos, high-quality coffee and a range of best British Ice creams.

Amigos Chicken


A fiery personality that has learned to survive in the semi-arid climate of Mexico, Ms. Chicken definitely was in for a surprise when she stepped onto the beautiful and greener lands of Britain. Her quest for adventure and her sporty spirit encouraged her to travel and explore the world. Charming and warmhearted, she promises to be a part of your perfectly well balanced and healthy meals. Ms. Chicken is quite versatile when it comes to satisfying your appetite. Not only does she guarantee proteins-a-plenty and a host of other important nutrients, but she can also be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Whether you like her in a burrito or with Nachos or Tacos , she is sure to fire up your taste buds by getting together with the perfect mix of fillings and salsa that leave you wanting more and more of her!

Amigos Beef


A pure Mexican by heart, born and bred in the rugged mountains and river valleys of Mexico, Mr. Beef has now travelled all the way to Britain to offer you the most nutritious and healthy meals. Although, the long journey was truly exhausting for him, he enjoys the greener pastures of the British countryside as well as the pleasant British weather.
On your plate, Mr. Beef offers rich amounts of protein and other vital nutrients to help you stay strong and healthy. Served with a delicious combination of fillings and salsa that appeal to your palate and cooked to the peak of its tenderness, Mr. Beef ensures that you get the perfect blend of good taste and nutrition with every meal that you have at Amigos Burritos!